The Team

Steve Gallichan

Managing Director

Steve is our in-house steel pipe guru - being involved in the steel industry his whole life. Steve’s quirky nature and genuine care for our customers runs right through Egmont Industrial. Steve’s thriving when he's doing a deal with a customer, looking at surplus steel to purchase or chatting about vintage Motocross bikes.


Alannah Jones (Gallichan)

Operations Specialist / Logistics
​One of Alannah’s greatest joys at work is simple - getting shit done. Alannah takes the whirlwind of customer orders, trucks, shipments and inventory changes, and makes it happen. Alannah loves what our team achieves as a small business, for our customers. At home she continues to get shit done, helping husband Chad with their electrical company Chad Jones Electrical.


Daniel Reade

Mercer Yard Coordinator / Sales Specialist

Daniel has been with Egmont Industrial since it’s early days, and is Steve’s ‘eyes on the ground’ when looking at surplus steel to purchase. Dan knows how to wrangle a deal, and thrives when he's on-site coordinating the load out of a surplus steel-buy up. Dan splits his time between the Egmont office and coordinating the Mercer Yard. When Dan’s not at work, he's wrangling his 4 kids and countless animals on his farmlet in North Taranaki.


Michelle Gallichan

Finance Manager
Upon marrying Steve, Michelle probably didn’t expect a life involving steel but that's how things panned out. Michelle plays a pivotal role managing our Accounts, Payroll and also loading our stock onto inventory. When Michelle's enjoying her Fridays off, you may find her hanging out with her fur-baby Alfie and having a late arvo G&T.


Shae Gallichan

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Shae has 2 full time jobs - one at Egmont Industrial and one being a Mum to 3 boys and wife to Josh (Gallichan). Shae is a master multi-tasker, wearing a number of hats - import sales, health and safety, website and social media as well. A rural upbringing helps Shae have practical knowledge with what our customers end project will look like and the best steel to use. 


Jordan Gallichan

Egmont Senior Yard Coordinator

Jordan has grown up around steel, working on both sides of the coin - in steel supply and the engineering side - he knows what customers are looking for when he is getting the goods ready for dispatch. Jordan manages our Egmont yard and knows it like the back of his hand. You’ll see him cruising round in Big Red, loading trucks with such precision that it is a fine art. When Jordans not at work, or visiting the yard on weekends, he's doing all types of missions with his family.


Nick Dewaard

Store and Yard Assistant
We call Nick our Pipe Cutting Machine, often smashing out a large number of radial pipe cuts in a day. As our resident DJ, if you are looking for Nick, follow the sound of the music. Always chipper and up for a laugh, and he’ll dispatch your order at lightning speed. When he's not at work, you won't be able to find him due to his vast amount of hobbies - jet skiing, fishing, hunting, riding his road bike, the list goes on….


Richard Shuttleworth 

Inventory Specialist
Richard (A.K.A Radar) has the enviable job of stocktaking our new and surplus steel on arrival to the yard. Just when he thinks he's finished - another truck will appear! Radar turns stock sheets around quick-fast and has a fun time doing it. He's always up for a yarn, being the perfect guy to show our walk-in clients around. When he's not at work, you might find him our hunting with Nick.


Chris Eastlake

Store and Yard Assistant
Chris is the rival steel supplier in Egmont Village - selling galv box section up the road from us. Working together, we often refer customers to each other, to help them get the steel they need. In a turn of events, Chris now works in the yard 3 days a week, cutting pipe in the band saw, cutting steel with the plasma and dispatching a range of steel orders. When Chris isn’t at work, he's up in the skies, with having his private pilots  license.